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Offer and Hire

Don't miss a single candidate by preparing and submitting attractive job offers, complying with regulatory requirements and then easily registering them in your current HRMS/scheduling systems.

Calendar and Events

A visual representation of each team member's workload, integrated with their work email. Use a detailed overview of upcoming and past events regarding the process.

Detailed overview of all tasks, activities, notes and files collected during the recruitment process.


Managing the Interviewing Process

Create Job Offers and Hire

Create individual job offers and automatically send them to selected candidates.

Job Offer

Open position status

Keep track of open position statuses and how they change based on the sent offers. The system automatically notifies all stakeholders involved in job offers when the offer is sent, accepted or rejected.

Personal data is retained for as long as necessary for the purposes of its collection, in compliance with regulatory requirements.

Data Retention Restrictions

GDPR Policies

Privacy Notice

The platform has a built-in privacy notice setting.

The UnifiedTalent platform is fully compliant with GDPR policies and allows its users to permanently delete candidates' personal data if requested.

Personal Data Deletion Request

Fully digital management of the employment relationship between employer and employee.

Electronic Employment Record

Automate the hiring and leaving processes; absences and annual leaves management; documentation exchange.

Process Automation

HRMS complies with all legal requirements including the Labour Code, Electronic Employment Records Regulations, Electronic Documents and Electronic Credential Services Act, and GDPR & eIDAS.

Automatic Updates

Upgrade UnifiedTalent with sHRedy - our innovative software module for fully digitized employee relations management. Easy integration with your company's existing HRMS via APIs.

Integration with HRMS / sHRedy

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