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Easily manage every process step, from creating and promoting jobs on career sites and social networks to building a responsible team with access levels.

Create and Promote

Create and use one job for multiple instances. Create and use one job for different departments, locations and companies using powerful filters.

Manage different locations and divisions with one template

Post your vacancies effortlessly utilzing ready-made templates.

Create and Use Job Posting Templates


Flexible Workflow

Create a custom or use a default hiring pipeline for each application.

Structure your workflow effectively with an already set-in-place or individually built plan.


Stages and Workflow

​Automatically post job openings on job boards and Social Media Channels. Reduce manual labor by automating repetitive tasks and spending more time on the workflow.


Create a customized career website with your own automated programming interface that leaves a memorable first impression on candidates. Showcase your organization's culture at its best.

Career Site

Keep an eye on where your candidates are coming from. Analyse all the platforms you work with to use them most effectively.


Integration with job boards and social networks

Create a team of all stakeholders involved in the process.


Create a team with access levels

Distribute roles hierarchically to build an effective collaboration environment and send personalized notifications.

Role-based Access

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