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Achieve better results with in-depth analysis of real-time data. Create visual reports on the success rates of hiring teams, track time to hire and offer candidates.


Analyze the percentage of continuing applicants at each process step.

Continuation Rate

Analyze what the candidate dropout rate is.

Dropout Rate

Analyze and improve recruiting time at each stage of the process.


Open Positions Report

Estimate the average time to select candidates, interview, send an offer, hire, disqualify, etc. for each open position.

Success Rate

A comprehensive view of all applicants for a specific time period, organized by source and their performance.


A general overview of all applicants for a specific time period, organized by progress status (disqualified, processed,  interviewed, offered, hired, etc.)

Candidate Progress

Received Applications Report

A quick view of the performance of each member of the Recruitment Team.

Team Success Rate

A quick and easy overall view of the work overload and ongoing tasks of the Recruitment team.

Department Activity Log

Automatic disqualification email sent to applicants on a scheduled day.


Team Collaboration Report

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