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Find and hire the right candidates for your organization with a few clicks

Find and hire the right candidates for your organization with a few clicks

UnifiedTalent - the next-generation platform for flawless recruitment results

UnifiedTalent is an Applicant Tracking System (ATS) and a complete web-based solution for managing the recruitment and hiring process. Its intuitive interface helps your team to collect, analyse and find the most suitable professionals.

Convenient, easy, automated.


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From creating listings and promoting them on career sites and social networks to building a team in charge with levels of access.

Manage every step easily

Create and Promote

Segment incoming applications based on the Kanban methodology. Optimize and improve team collaboration. Collect talent pool for future company goals.

Organise workflows quickly

Qualify and Automate

Don't miss any candidate

Offer and Hire

Create and manage attractive templates for job offers, fully complied with the regulatory requirements, and then easily register them in current HRMS/sHRedy systems.

Detailed analytics with real-time data that allows your team to build complete reports on the success of hiring teams, time to find and job offerings on candidates, etc.

Achieve even better results


Effective candidate management, team engagement and data-driven decision-making.

Advanced search capabilities and team collaboration tools

User-friendly interface with customized features

Digitise the recruitment process and centralise the storage of candidate information in accordance with regulatory requirements.

Why UnifiedTalent?

of Fortune 500 companies use automated hiring software, be like them!


of recruitment professionals confirm that investing in new recruitment technology is the best way to improve results.



up to

reduction in hiring time with a streamlined process.

of recruiters found increased hiring quality after using automated recruitment software.


Companies that trusted us

Sirma Group
Hear It from Our Customers

"After integrating UnifiedTalent into our workflow, we have increased our performance in every aspect quickly. We have reduced the time to create listings and collect and process applications, which has given us more time to communicate with the most suitable prospects for our open positions."

Boryana Stoimenova, Head of Division at EngView Systems

"From the initial to the final selection, the system has revolutionised my work and increased my efficiency and productivity. UnifiedTalent is an extremely useful tool when working with much data that allows for accurate and focused selection."

Georgi Georgiev, Recruitment Team Lead, Sirma Solutions

"UnifiedTalent stands out as an invaluable asset in my work. It's been a game-changer in the realm of data-driven candidate selection. The system's capabilities have revolutionized my workflow, making the initial to final selection process incredibly efficient. Handling extensive data is no longer daunting. UnifiedTalent's functionalities simplify and enhance the accuracy and focus required for effective selection. It's an indispensable tool for anyone seeking increased productivity and streamlined processes."

Dragomir Dimov, CEO, AZ Recruitment

Hear It from Our Customers

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